Cateogry: Watch

4 Jun 2010 - By TW Staff

We invite you to WATCH four short videos that illustrate how advances in technology are fundamentally changing the art, science and practice of storytelling.

The Future of Special Effects

Time Warner Inc. 2013

Warner Bros. Pictures' Executive Vice President of Digital Production and Animation Chris DeFaria takes a look back at – and at the future of – special effects.

A Boy and His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie

IBM Research 2013

To showcase the capabilities of their scanning tunneling microscope, the team at IBM Research set out to make the world’s tiniest movie by moving individual atoms. Screened at Cannes and the World Science Festival, the nano-scaled film has captured the imaginations of scientists and artists alike.


World Trade Center Spire Lift: GoPro HD Video Capture

Port Authority of NY & NJ 2013

A GoPro point-of-view camera mounted to the final section of the World Trade Center spire captured the historic completion of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Capable of taking crystal clear HD footage at striking angles, the GoPro lets enthusiasts seek ever-more creative ways to push the limits of videography.


Hatsune Miku: Crowd-Sourced Superstar

Crypton Future Media 2013

Software can solve all kinds of problems. But can it create a superstar? The amazing journey of Hatsune Miku from voice synth software to celebrity sensation shows that when cutting edge technology meets collective creativity, anything is possible. Learn more on Crypton's site.